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Cookham Jubilee

The Malletts



What does Lynda think of our portrait?
We moved here in 1991 and our Billy was born here the following summer. He’s bi-lingual, and learns outragoeus ozzie-isms from Melbourne born Lynda!

We have our own production company, and enjoy making TV and stage shows and Lynda also runs the mail order side of things. No two days are the same in our work; which we love.

In Cookham you’ll find Lynda doing meals on wheels or PTA stuff, she also enjoys dancing and playing the piano and learning the accordian.

I’m into topiary in the garden, tennis, cycling, ringing the bells at Holy Trinity, and Cookham Wanderers on Friday nights. I learned painting with my dad; we often went on painting expeditions together.

I also inherited his old overall which I wore throughout this series, to keep off the mess, as I like to work fast – Carpe Diem! Seize the day!


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