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Cookham Jubilee

Fred and Tony Haines




It’s been a busy year for Fred and Tony and the Village Hardware.

After 9 years, they moved across the road into the Station Parade to bigger premises but the toy shop experiment wasn’t as well supported as they’d have liked.

So they are concentrating on the hardware and I love the way that if they haven’t got it – they’ll get it!

Fred Haines came to Cookham at the age of 2, went to Holy Trinity and Maidenhead county boys, then worked as a gas fitter and plumber before emigrating to South Africa for 23 years – you’ve seen those South African BBQs he sells? – I keep wondering when he’s going to demonstrate with an ostrich egg!

Tony Cairns is his big grinning son in law from Cape Town, who loves his hockey and cricket. Away from the shop, you’ll find Fred enjoying his golf and boating or walking his grandchildren up to Cookham Rise or the Montessori nursery school; and he and wife Angie are regulars at the Friday morning W.I. market in Pinder hall. “I love the community spirit of Cookham”. And where would our local productions be without the Village Hardware acting as box office?!

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