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Cookham Jubilee

Eddie Smyth




92 year old Eddie was born in August 1909 and remembers the First World war breaking out.
“I was just five years old and as we came out of church the vicar said to my mother it’ll be a lot tougher than the South African war you know…”

Eddie arrived in Cookham on the First Sunday in October in 1927, it was harvest festival and he went up the tower to ring the bells at Holy Trinity.

For many years while living in Dean Lane he was Churchwarden down in the village much to the chagrin of his friends in Cookham Dean who thought he ought to go to St John’s.

From the outbreak of the war until his retirement Eddie was a carpenter at Courtalds (where Hitachi is now near Boulters Lock) and his old friend Stanley Spencer put Eddie into his crucifixion painting in 1958, banging the nails into Christ’s palm.

The only thing that Cookham hasn’t changed in Eddie is his accent – that delightful Devon burr is a real treat to listen to – especially as he recounts his Cookham tales that bring to life Stanley Spencer’s “village in heaven”.

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