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Celebrating Britain!

Celebrating on the Mall

Celebrating Buckingham Palace

London never fails to inspire.

I often  like to hire a Boris Bike at Paddington Station and cycle across Hyde Park, past Wellington Arch, down Constitution Hill and onto the Mall.

Every couple of weeks it seems there is a reason to fly the flags, and on this occasion they were out as a pre-emptive celebration of the birth of Prince George.

The Mall looked not pink but purple in the shadows, and the Victoria Memorial was glittering in the sunlight. The taxi heading towards Buckingham Palace was not a traditional London black cab, but this detail shows that this is not a nostalgic image – rather it is of a real and present moment when, as always in the
capital, something was about to happen.

This is published as a De Montfort fine art giclee embellished edition at a price of £450


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