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Cookham Jubilee

Wendy Craig



It’s a very busy year for Wendy, which is a good thing because she adores working and entertaining.

There’s the new series of the Forsyte Saga on ITV; a spin off from Heartbeat called The Royal which is set in Scarborough and shot in Bradford where Wendy gets to wear her hair in the biggest beehive you’ve ever seen! Then there’s rehearsals for The Circle – a play by Somerset Maughan, a new radio play and the list gets longer.

It hardly leaves time to enjoy the view “I like stretching my eyes looking around and finding nothing in the way”

Wendy came to Cookham Dean with her husband in 1970 and her two sons grew up here. “I love the variety of walks in Cookham – today it could be the woods, or the river, or the golf course or the meadows”

Wendy is also president of Elizabeth House, one of Cookham’s wonderful facilities for our seniors, and she enjoys gardening, reading and turning up the volume of her classical music!


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