The Royal Ruler of Radio Caroline and Luxembourg fame is an ever smiling happy man.

He’s a delight to paint and even better to spend time with.

I always enjoy our lunches and this painting was a great labour of love over half a year.


He didn’t know I was painting it.


Thanks for being so inspiring Tony!



Ruskin’s view

Turner’s view

Mallett’s view


This is one of the gems of the North West and an allegory on hope

It’s an image every artist is inspired by.

It’s early spring – a time of hope and expectation. Bright sunlight illuminates our distant aims and aspirations. Deep shadows and sculptural trees seem to block the way;  the jigsaw puzzle of stuff  frames the sweep of the river and leads our eye to the majestic sweep of the mountains.


In the foreground the golden daffoldils “they flash upon the inward eye” and  light up our lives  with exuberant colour.


Beauty is all around us. We carry it with us all the time.  Enjoy!





Wherever you look in Gubbio, there’s another great view of this wonderful city.


I looked across at the Roman amphitheatre that held 15,000, to the town that’s little changed since the fifteenth century.

It’s majestic and  it was a special place for St Francis when he visited in 1206 and tamed the wild wolf that was terrorising the population.


Just beside the city walls is this wonderful statue.







St Francis of Assisi has inspired many generations of artists. Inside the walls are covered by the famous frescoes of the Quatro cento by Cimabue and Giotto.


It was exciting to see their life size paintings high up on the basilica walls and I sat outside painting this thinking about them, St Francis and the many thousands who flock to visit Assisi every year.




The crowds were out visiting the chocolate festival in the centre of Perugia, capital of Umbria.


The old streets echo to the excited throng sampling, buying and taking selfies; watched patiently by the medieval palace.


It wasn’t long before my attention turned to chocolate and rum, dark cherry choc, and chocolate honeycomb.


It feels as if  chocolate has pervaded my palette!